1. Balikashram, an educational boarding Ashram for girls from 6 years up to the completion of S.S.L.C.

The Balikashram was started on 28-11-1928 and has a strength of 36 girls now.

The girl child of 6 years of age coming from economically weak class (parental income being less than Rs.44500/- per annum) is admitted to this section and given free education till S.S.L.C. level along with other basic amenities like food, shelter, clothing, school books and other school accessories and medical care.

2. Three Destitute Cottages with girls from 6 years up to 18 years. This is also an educational boarding Ashram up to S.S.L.C. or P.U.C.

Destitute Home is a scheme for the benefit of orphan and destitute girls. There are 45 girls in the cottages. The first cottage was started in May 1975. The second cottage was started in May 1977 and third was started in April 1992. Orphan and Destitute girls between the ages of 6 and 12 are admitted. The cottages with 45 girls are looked after by House Mothers.

All Children attend three schools viz., U.B.M.C. Hr. Pry. School, Balmatta; Kittel Memorial High School, Gorigudda, Mangaluru. And Govt. Jr. College for Women, Balmatta, Mangaluru.

We heartily thank each and everyone who have extended and are extending support to achieve the objectives of our Society. We thank all our donors and Well-wishers.